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 Spiritual coaching sessions

Experiencing a spiritual awakening?

Symptoms of increase in dimensions?

Feel that your life is stuck and the energy is not moving?

Need help understanding what your highest vocation in life is, and your soul contract?

We are in a period of vibrational transition, more and more people are going through a spiritual and conscious awakening, and come to the realization that the life they have lived so far no longer provides them. The reality that has held us for so long is beginning to dissipate and we are awakening to new dimensions, a new level of consciousness and an entirely new reality.  

I'm here to help * Star Children, Light Warriors and anyone who's taking part in the vibrational changes on Earth,

Anyone who is going through processes of spiritual awakening and needs guidance, and help in understanding symptoms, dreams,

Finding your individual mission on Earth and understanding your other / additional incarnations.  

And also I will help you create the reality you would like to live in, and teach you how to connect to the cosmic system and the state of summoning and creating the desired reality.

* Star Children - People with high souls, who rolled here from high dimensions to help 'plant' the vibration of the physical dimension on Earth.

I invite you to online personal meetings for cosmic guidance and direction,

And getting help creating the reality you would like to live in!

נושאי הדרכה

The topics we will deal with in the meetings:

  * Intention to the life you would like to live       

* Help in finding your individual task in this incarnation

* Opening the consciousness to high galactic information

* Connection to high dimensions and your high soul

* Help in understanding previous incarnations and how they affect your current incarnation

* Connect to your guides and galactic family

* Help with connecting to the cosmos and working with the cosmic system

* Understanding the matrix and getting out of it

* Interpretation and interpretation of dreams


Experiencing symptoms of spiritual awakening?

Need guidance in finding your personal mission?

The earth rises in its dimensions to the fifth dimension, and with it we too.

More and more people are experiencing a spiritual and vibrant awakening and feel that the life they have lived so far is not the life they would like to live more.

I invite you to spiritual coaching sessions that will help you in the process of awakening, finding the individual mission with which you came to Earth, connecting to the galactic / angelic family, and connecting to your higher self.  

With the help of the sessions you will work on neutralizing fears and patterns that weigh on your life, you will see more clearly the purpose of your existence on earth, you will get answers to many questions and get a lot of useful information you need to know in the individual awakening stage you are in.

I will help you connect to the cosmic system and teach you how to use it to summon to your life the things you need, to be present in every moment and to know how to read signs that the cosmos sends you.

The sessions will help you navigate life towards the reality you would like to live, I will help you find your way to joy and creativity and exploit your special potential and skills. I will give you the tools to deal with the matrix and everyday reality and connect you to your higher dimensions, which will help you awaken your memory for the unique mission for which you came to Earth.

We will talk about your past and present, work on fears and anxieties that accompany our lives on a daily basis, learn how to release energetic charges that we no longer need and how to recharge energetically. We will talk about your desires and aspirations and how to create the reality of the fifth dimension.  I will connect you to your galactic family and spiritual guides and help you remember the planets and civilizations to which you belong.


I will teach you how to work with the cosmic system, how to summon to smile exactly what you want and I will help you remember the unique mission you came to Earth with and your special abilities.  During the sessions I will help you recall your previous incarnations and their impact on the current incarnation.

The coaching session will be performed online on camera

Session length: one hour

Price: 80$

Scheduling an online spiritual coaching session


To schedule a session, contact me directly on Facebook

Or via WhatsApp 0524281860

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