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Mickey  Eilon
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Mickey Eilon

My name is Mickey Eilon and I am an artist and a Galactic teacher.

I was born in June 1989, and from the first years of my life I accumulated  Memories of supernatural events and out-of-this-world experiences.  When I was in pain I would go to an alien clinic where they would treat me instantly, at night they would take me on tours of the mother spacecraft, I would see beings from other dimensions roaming my house, and all this long before I knew about the 'limitations' of the third dimension. I did not know that what I live is not every child lives. I thought it was normal and just part of reality.

When I was growing up I had a very hard time in the education system that was constantly trying to ‘shape’ and oppress me but my belligerent spirit did not let that happen. It was for them like trying to catch a cat when he was hysterical.  I felt something was not going right in this world, but I could not put my finger on it accurately.  

My mother is Margalit Zohar Ayalon, and she is a communicator and healer. Which helped a lot in my spiritual development and kept me on track all the way.

In 2013 I got the call, ‘I was activated’. During a long stay in Costa Rica all the channels opened up to me, and began to soak me up with information from above that grew and grew day by day and from month to month.

Start loading me with information about planets, dimensions, different civilizations in the galaxy, guides that work with me, human history and our mission in this incarnation! I was also well taught about the dark realm, the Riftilians and Alpha Draconians, the Illuminati and the satanic cults that operate the Matrix we live in.

Shortly after my 'awakening' and when I felt I had to do something with all the information I received from my guides, I set up the GAIA website and magazine with one goal - to convey as much information as possible, and try to wake as many people as possible! I feel the fire burning in me to carry out my mission, to bring the fifth dimension here, to people, to everyone.

I receive guidance from the Pleiadians, Syrians, Arcturians, the Lion Men from Lyra, and the Galactic Federation of Light.

* Star Children - Starseeds, humans whose soul is high, and who came here from a higher dimension in order to ascend the earth and help humans move beyond the fifth dimension.

Painted by: Mickey  Eilon
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