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Energetic drawing

Do you have a good connection with art? Take part in a spiritual and colorful experience that will take you to the farthest places!

I will teach you how to use painting as a means of communication,  We will connect with your spiritual guides

And a high-dimensional muse is sucked directly into the canvas.

We will connect to the colors of your individual frequencies, house planets, symbols and subconscious memories from previous incarnations,  And we will create energetic works of art with high vibrations that will help open the consciousness and flow of high energies to our dimension!


I will teach you special drawing and painting techniques that I developed through channeling,

You will receive canvas for painting, paints, brushes, glitter and everything you will need for the perfect creative experience!

The art session can be done privately or with a group!

The meeting will be held at the client's house, the art materials are on me!

מידע נוסף

What you will receive at the meeting:

Canvas for painting

Acrylic paints in all shades + gold

Shiny tulips in all sorts of colors


ציורים אנרגטיים

Drawings made in high frequency frequencies, planets, symbols and ancient information  

Painted by: Miki Ayalon

סוגי מפגשים

Types of sessions

Group meeting:

A creative meeting for a group of 2-4 people at the client's home

Session length: 3 hours

Price: 600 NIS

Private meeting:

A creative meeting for one person in private at the client's home

Session length: two hours

Price: 300 NIS 


The meetings are held at the client's home

Days: Sun-Sat  Hours: 5pm to 10pm

Registration for meetings or inquiries

Mickey - 0524281860

Energetic drawing

A creative meeting and connection to your individual colors and frequencies, high guides, planets, symbols  And previous incarnations.

I will give you tools for communication through art in painting and I will provide you  An evening that is all in high vibrations, and a muse that will open you to ancient energetic knowledge and help you open your consciousness to new dimensions!


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