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The Syrians are an aquatic and dreamy breed, and are actually a developed version of dolphins and whales.

They live in the consciousness of Messiah, and are in a solar system that is very much connected to us. They help the planet,

  And they do it from a gentle point of view, like the marine mammals in our sea.


They are people who will help the planet and its inhabitants, and are considered 'spiritual warriors', and spiritually more advanced than most cultures.

They came from the planet Sirius A, which is only 8 light-years from us.

Their appearance is human, and they are our distant relatives even though they have evolved more technologically and spiritually than us.

  They gave ancient Egypt a lot of advanced astronomical and medical information, and also gave the advanced knowledge to the race of the Maya.

They helped the earth during the time of the disaster in Atlantis, and helped build the pyramids and temples of Egypt.

Sirius is a star system that serves as a meeting place for earth creatures seeking to continue their spiritual studies,

And are involved in helping the Earth enter the New Golden Age.

Sirius is also considered as a higher learning place to which many masters travel.


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