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The Riftilians are the fruit of the creation of the Kryans. (Carians)

They evolved on a planet in the alpha-dragon star system of the Orion constellation.

The royal lineage of the Riftilians is the Draconians, winged dragons. (Draconians)

The royal name for their lineage is Beit Aln

Riftilians have two races. One is known as winged snakes, and the other are called lizards.

Riftilians do not have the same emotions as humans, but they have extensive knowledge of physics and universal laws.

They are part of the creation myth of the Krians, which conflicts with the myth of the creation of man.

The Riftilians believe in their right to settle on all the planets and star systems in the universe, and when they did

They also conquered and destroyed every civilization they found there.

This healthy myth has been the site of many conflicts between reptiles and humans of all dimensions.

Still, it was given in some of the universal game (the polarity of integration).

Reptile people represent darkness in the game of polarity, while humans represent light.

Through this game, all the souls in this universe have an opportunity to evolve spiritually and need the source of God.

Until recently, Murdoch the son of Anki was the commander of the Nibiru Flag Federation,

(Marduk, Enki)

A controlling shareholder taken from his grandfather We, the former commander.


Anki became the patriarch of the ALN House in the fifth dimension, and also the head of the Nibiru Council in the fifth dimension, representing the Dark.


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