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Humanoid groups that came from a group of 7 stars, known as the Pleiades collective.

One of the stars, the central one of which is Al-Zion Alcyon.

The star from which the Lions of Zion come, from which Jesus came, and from there came the original Judaism and also the written language as Hebrew.

They are more developed than humans on Earth, and offer their help to support us in ways of spiritual guidance.

The Paleidians love without limits. Whether as a community, or an individual. 

They became masters of these aspects while they were in a physical body, so they have the necessary experience to help us,

Humans, work in a multidimensional way.

Here they love and appreciate art, music and dance, and a lot of communication with the Pleiades goes through the piece.

Many of the suicides that have come to Earth are from the Pleiades, and their mission here is to bring their higher education here, to Earth.

There have been many waves of Parsids from the Pleiades that have reached Earth during history.

In history the Paleidians had a strong connection with the Indians of North and Central America, and they are in their art.


The Paleidians are more aware of the feminine ones than humans. They work with the creative power of the goddess in the cycle of nature.

It made them masters of agriculture, working together with natural beings and creating diverse fruits, flowers and vegetables.

It is the harmony of nature with the feminine, energetic and conscious goddess. And that includes their use of water as a living consciousness.

The Paleidians are well aware and knowledgeable about the effects of food and drink on the physical body.


Many flidians come to Earth to evolve and experience new experiences.

Humans are less developed, so being human on Earth allows for a wide range of experiences and struggles, because there is still a lot of negative energy here, and therefore the potential for learning and growth is greater.

Their energy is bright and loving, they have a well-developed sense of humor and always give simple tutorials to feel more love in our daily lives.


The Palladian Alphabet

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