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Nomos are a breed of creatures with physical forms of dolphins, whales and mermaids.

Their home world is a planet in the Sirius B system, which is mostly warm aqua-blue water.


Many of them go upright, they are known for their advanced use of voice. 

They play an important role in the evolution of the earth.

They are now guarding and guiding, and rolling to Earth within dolphins, whales, and even mermaids in order to preserve the Earth's biosphere.


When the Earth rises to the fifth dimension, Syrians  Will be as guardians of their planet. 

For those who exist in a marine form on Earth, will have the choice to change shape and take a human body, and thus become terrestrial.

They are now returning to their home world Nommos and undergoing training using their new body as humans, so that they can return to Earth as Earthmen.


Starsides that belong to Sirius' etheric soul group are usually very attracted to whales and dolphins. They can also be found in various organizations that work to heal the planet and conserve its resources.


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