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A dimension is a state of consciousness and means of organizing different planes of existence according to a rhythm of vibration.

Each dimension has rules and principles that are specific to the frequency of the dimension.

All human beings are multidimensional beings of light with a physical body. Usually many human beings feel comfortable when their consciousness is at the level of the third dimension. But with spiritual application (i.e. meditation and introspection, and guidance of our spiritual guides) one can access dimension 4 known as the astral plane, or even dimension 5.

Indigo and Crystal children can access dimensions 4,5,6,7.  


Dimension 1

Awareness as a point in space or time. Identifies a level of consciousness 

Where genetic coding for water, minerals and humans.


Dimension 2

Awareness as point and line. This is the level of consciousness of plants and the lower animal kingdom

  (Bacteria, microbes, etc.).

Live only to eat, fight and reproduce. The pure kingdom in this dimension

  Eats fairies, natural spirits and elements.


Dimension 3

It is an awareness of point, line, width and length, height and volume. 

It is the conscious world as we know it.

The dimension to which humanity is born. While we have the ability to remember the past to see the future while preserving the present,

We remain locked in effect, in the paradigm of time because of the past imprisoned in our subconscious.

For most people, we are unaware of how we are connected to each other and the universe. It is an ego-based existence.


Dimension 4 

As we sleep we become aware of the 4th dimension.

This is a higher consciousness of mankind, called an astral body. This etheric body is home to advanced dreams, intuition, psychic ability, creativity and magic.

In this dimension emotions and thoughts create reality almost immediately. Thus feelings of fear can make this dimension very unpleasant.


Dimension 5

In this dimension there is no illusion of limitation. Some indigo children are born into this dimension.

In the fifth dimension we create a new paradigm of being, thinking and doing everything as part of a universal group.

On this plane we live in unconditional love, this we can see through communication with angels and beings 

From other stars in the body of light, there is no fear in this plane.


Dimension 6

This dimension is a crystal consciousness. Life there is naughty and magical,

And we succumb to the flow of the evolving soul while creating an individual.

Humans born with their consciousness in this dimension are called "crystal".


Dimension 7

A realm of cosmic light and sound that creates geometric shapes by vibrational resonance.

This is where we go when we are on a time travel to visit parallel worlds.

There we share our aura with others, as part of our role to heal and teach them about higher consciousness.

In this dimension we can connect with our soul family.

It is a place where many light beings gather together to communicate with the dimensions


Dimension 8

Divine Intelligence. This dimension makes us feel the love of God as a constant source of energy in our lives.

It is a huge breakthrough from the first set of dimensions that include the involvement of matter and spirit, two but separate components involved, different in the creative cycle.

In contrast 8 represents the entry of a reality that is beyond all nature and definition, it transcends and fills.

When you travel between dimensions, it is the plane where you will find it difficult to maintain your individual consciousness, because you are no longer you, but a pure group of many souls, you become "we".


Dimension 9

The Galactic Center. This region organizes and guides evolutionary cycles across the Earth and throughout the galaxy.

Area of the central sun. Merging into the consciousness of the galaxy. Every life form, every star, and group of consciousness of every species and race.


Functions as network control and architecture  Life, and as guards.

It is a gateway to local universal consciousness.


Dimension 10

Is the equal balance, between the Creator Father (original thought) and the Creator Mother 

(Original feeling).

In the 10th dimension patterns of consciousness for infinite universes. The basic formula of thought plus emotion = creation.

The guards are kings of justice and universal teachers.

It is a place that is the source of plans and creation, sent to many dimensions to experience different octaves of love.


Dimension 11

In this dimension we exist as a point of light. In this dimension one can find the God the higher self of beings

Angels inhabiting this dimension, the guards are the angels we know.

You can also find in this dimension dwarves, elves, and various creatures responsible for nature conservation on Earth and on other planets.


Dimension 12

One point where the whole consciousness knows itself to be completely one with everything. There is no separation of any kind. If you connect to this level, you know yourself as one with everyone, and with the creative power.


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