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The Kraians are a race of the bird creatures, and creators of the kingdom of darkness in the duality game of our universe.

In the developed state  Most of them, the ruling class of the cranes is similar to humans, with feathers and colors of an eagle.

Like the Flint, the Kraians came to this universe when it was created, at the request of God the founding Gods of this universe to help assist and control the universal game. God gave Krians a new planet in the constellation Orion.

The star was tropical and abundant swamps and humid jungles.


Like the Palestinians, they were also Atars (lacking a physical body), and therefore had to evolve the physical body from the evolving life forms on the planet's surface. Of course they chose the life form that would become a bird and over a period of several hundred thousand years, they developed bodies in different colors and sizes. The Cranes were known for their unique affinity for colored feathers and physical bodies were created and came to insure their creative talent in this field. This is why cranes have a much greater variety of size, shape and color in their breed than cats. They can be 12 feet or just a few inches tall.

Like the Palestinians, a group of 45 Krians remained in their Ataric form and became a council that oversaw and managed the development of their brothers and sisters who chose to roll on the planet, as part of the upgrade of their physical forms.


When their physical bodies reached a certain level of evolution, they began a genetic transition (something they learned from the Palestinians) with certain reptiles that evolved in the swamps and warmer regions of the earth.

The result of this genetic program was the creation of a new hybrid strain known to us as Draconians.

They were half Crian, and half reptile.


The callers are known for their sharp analytical abilities and organizational skills.

A dominant character trait of the announcers is their need to maintain a good appearance at all times.

They are good team players, as long as team building involves discipline and strictly obeys codes of conduct.

The callers are involved in the creation and maintenance of stargates, dimensional networks and magnetic fields through our galaxy and universe. The inherent analytical abilities in them make them suitable for this type of work.

They are also known for their military capabilities and their star ships are more advanced than the rest of the universe.


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