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Come from the constellation Arcturus.

They are generous and protect the planet from the dark agendas of the reptilians and the grays.

They have universal knowledge about the greater meanings of spiritual and mental health they help humans and are known as masters of healing. Their skills and knowledge in working with energies is immense. They seek to help human beings find the perfection within them. Integrity in them is to be connected with our higher selves, which leads to the best utilization of our experience and expression. Sometimes we need medical help so they are known for their healing skills.

They help us in other ways such as energetic purification, grounding, opening the soul consciousness,

And work energetically with our chakras and body of light. They have very high vibrations,

And the form of their conduct is angelic.

The Arcticians teach about love, peace and soul. However, Arcticians also have great war power.

By using the Arthurian spacecraft Athena, they can defend the Earth with incredible power.

There are starsides here on Earth that are of Arctic origin. 

These people have a strong memory of what it is like to belong to a close-knit group of consciousness,

And find the illusion of separation in the human world painful.

There are Arcturian starsides  Whose mission in life on earth is to be guides.

This role helps the Victorians understand the situation humans are in, and help them in their development.


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