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I sat down and wrote a book that follows my life from the moment I was born until now, many supernatural experiences I've had over the years that include spaceships and aliens, astral travel in different places and many discoveries I've made. The book is recommended for every Starseed and Light Warrior, for anyone who feels different or has had supernatural experiences themselves, and anyone who is interested in knowing about the wonderful, strange and scary things that exist in this world that most people are unaware of, and that most of you have experienced yourself.


My name is Mickey Eilon and I am an artist and a channeler.

I was born in June 1989, and from the first years of my life I accumulated memories of supernatural events and experiences that were out of this world. When I had pain I would go to an extraterrestrial clinic where they would treat me instantly, at night they would take me on spaceship tours, I would see beings from other dimensions walking around my house, and all this long before I knew about the 'limitations' of the third dimension.


I didn't know that what I was living wasn't what everyone else was living, I thought that what I was going through was normal and simply part of the reality here. In 2013 I received the calling, 'I was activated'. A little after my awakening I felt that I had to do something with all the information I receive from my guides, and I established the website Gaia Israel, and the magazine Gaia with the aim of conveying as much information as possible and trying to awaken as many people as possible.


I feel the fire burning in me to carry out the mission for which I came, to bring the fifth dimension here, to the people, to everyone. I decided to write about many supernatural experiences that I have had in my life so that you will know about the many things that exist in our world and around it, or you will receive confirmation for similar experiences that you have also gone through.

Light Warrior's Diary

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