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The Palestinians are one of the two major races in our universe. They are the creators of the kingdom of light, and came here at the invitation of the creators. (The first God)

Having successfully completed the universal game and completed their universe, a group of 45 refugees

Volunteered to come to this universe to help with installation and to oversee the game here. The flint is a stem that stands on 2 and reaches a height of 12-16 meters. Their skin is covered by a kind of soft feather, and although they have no fur, males have manes, and females long hair. Their eye color ranges from blue to gold and can vary from blue to gold as they age. 

They can also turn from a golden brown color to white. Their general temperament is warm, optimistic and intellectual.

As they grow older, they take on a more gloomy, self-absorbed and delicate nature.

The elders are revered for their wisdom, compassion and insight.


As a breed they are very close, and they are very fair.

The females are revered and respected on an equal footing with the males, and as is the way of the cats, they are very curious and like to explore.

As part of the universal game, God gave Plines a new planet in the constellation Lyra, which would be their home.

The Palestinians called the star Avyon.  


Desolation was a paradise with mountains, streams, channels and oceans. 

This blue star was very similar to our planet Earth, in the shape and variety of plants and animals.

When the Palestinians arrived, they were in an etheric form (a light body without a physical body).

And therefore underwent a stage of physical development on the ball. After many millions of years they evolved the lions and other cats,

And began to roll into them.


As part of the program, some of the original Flemish remained in their etheric form to help and guide those who were rolling.

After numerous genetic upgrades, the Palestinians created the human Adam.

There were two varieties. Redheads who were an energetic and sociable breed, and blondes who were gentle-tempered and more introverted on their own.


In time the Palestinians became our ancestors, with some genetic traits as a male link to our building.

And even though our connection with the Palestinians has been forgotten by modern man,

Cats have remained in our consciousness as a noble and dignified creature.


The Palestinians still keep loving and supporting their genetic offspring, humans.

They have helped us at all times and in all dimensions of the universal game.

Devin is the incumbent patriarch of the 9th Dimensional Royal House.

Anui- Anui is the incumbent patriarch of the royal house of wretchedness in the 5th dimension at this stage.


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